Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Lily is 10!

My Lilybug turned 10 in June!  Hard to believe I know have TWO children in double digits!  Time flies so quickly.  She is growing into such a beautiful young lady.  Her daddy hates to hear the word "pre-teen or tween".  One teenage daughter is enough!  Here are her loves at the moment:
She loves Irish dancing and is completely novice....including owning her very own solo dress!  She loves to read and create beautiful drawings/paintings.  She really has talent and I hope to continue to help her develop it.  She sometimes struggles as the middle child and being caught between child and teenager, but is lovable and and is an excellent cuddler!  She loves school and is excited to have her first male teacher in 5th grade.  Lily is very social and loves to hang out with her friends.  When our home phone rings, it is always for Lily!

Given up?

I has been over 10 months since I last posted.  Honestly, blogging just wasn't a priority.  With marching band, Irish dancing, a new school, Trey in K, homework, grad school, and anything else life threw our way, it just wasn't a priority.  I will try to do better...but I am not making promises lol.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Kindergarten Updates

Kindergarten was a big step for Trey and for me. Probably more for me. Trey went to school all day last year, going to two preschools. However, these days, it seems like Kindergarten is the new 1st grade and there are a lot more expectations from this age group. Trey is handling the transition to "seatwork", etc a lot better than I had thought he would. I met with his teacher and resource teacher today for an hour to talk about Trey and the things that I was afraid were not happening in the classroom. Trey's teacher used to be a special education teacher and I thought she would be so good for him. I seriously started having my doubts after I had emailed her three times before getting back a response. Our school system is supposed to have a rule of 24 hours to return contact. That was not happening, so I had to cc the principal on the last two to get a response. I just felt like I wasn't in the "loop" as to what was going on with him in the classroom. He was having some behavior issues (most minor, some not so minor) and I was really concerned that he was not getting to be successful and that his modifications for the IEP were not being met. After meeting with the teacher and resource teacher, I feel a little better. At least I feel better that I am not thinking of pulling him from the school. I like our home school, but I know I also need to do what is best for Trey. I hope I didn't come across as "that mom" who all teachers dread see walking into the building....but I hope she knows I will become "her" if it means doing whatever I need to do for my son. For now, I am his voice.

5 Year Check up

Trey had his 5 year check up on Tuesday...and yes, I am just now getting around to posting about has been that kind of week! Trey weighed in at 43 pounds (only 2 lbs up from last year!) and was 46" tall! He is basically a skinny, muscular boy! He did great....luckily no shots, only the flu mist, which he handles really well!

The down side to this visit was his doctor. There are many in this practice and we like most of them. I will be scratching this one off my list, however. When discussing Trey's diagnosis from last year of ADHD and Sensory Processing Disorder, he responded with "that is a made up diagnosis" (in reference to SPD). I was taken aback. At first, I didn't know what to say. Then I responded with what I did for a living and how I see kids like Trey all the time in my classroom. I really wanted to tell him to come spend a few hours at my house and then tell me it doesn't exist. I was really shocked that he just flat out said what he thought...without disregard to my own personal opinion. I guess he thought since he was the doctor, that he knew it all. I have news for him!

At least I know my little guy is growing and, overall, is healthy and happy. That is what matters most. :)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

The First Day of School

Today was our first day of school. A new year, with all sorts of new and exciting things to come. I was a nervous wreck all day, waiting to hear how Trey liked it. He did great....after I left and he warmed up to his surroundings. He was not very happy this morning and told me he did not want to go to school. I think (HOPE!!) tomorrow will be easier!
This was the only shot I could get Trey to smile in....he was not excited about today.
My high schooler. Wow...I want to cry just reading those words. It was hard to drop her off today. Harder than I thought.
Here is my very unhappy Kindergartener. He had a great day, but he definitely did not want to go. He was very apprehensive about it and would have rather gone to my meeting!
My big 4th grader. Hard to believe that in two short years, she will be in middle school. I am so glad she is with her brother for two years. I know he likes that.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Trey is Five!!

Trey turned 5 this past week. We had two birthday parties (family and friend) and he pretty much lived his birthday for over a week! He is very excited about being 5 and tells me he is bigger because his ears are bigger. Can't fight that logic! I am a little sad my BABY is going to school this year. I have no little ones anymore. Lily tells me I can always have another. I tell her that she thinks that sounds good, but only in theory. In reality, she would hate the crying, nap times, etc. I tell her to wait....Aunt Katie is next in line to have babies. :) Enjoy the slide show....

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Busy, Busy, Busy.....

We have been busy...even though summer is the time to relax. Meghan went from camp to a mission trip to band camp. She has finished two weeks of all day band camp and is now on to half days until school starts....which is next week!!! I can't believe our summer is just about over. I am sad to lose the ability to sleep in and do pretty much whatever we want, but I also know that we have desperately missed the routine...especially Trey. He alternates days of good with more days of bad (meltdowns over the littlest things). I think he is anxious to start school. While Meghan has been at band camp, we have gone to the pool andTrey and Lily have gone with me to help set up my classroom at my new school. I love it and things are coming together, slowly. I am anxious to be able to get it all complete. I am officially on the school clock as of next Tuesday. :( So long, summer!